Earthen Living is a mission driven company to protect the Earth

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Who we are?

Earthen Living is a mission-driven company to Protect Air, Water, Soil, and humans. Its first step is to address the Ethical and Sustainability issues in daily life. Raising awareness among Indian Consumers is possible where we have an acceptable alternative.

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What our customers say

One of the best store with really good product lines.

Mr. Rana Businessman

Earthen Store is unique and they are one of the best place to buy organic certified products.

Mr. Prem IT Professional

Thanks to team Earthen for sending me the shipment on time. Keep doing the good job.

Ms. Rashmi IT Professional & Mother

What we do?

We are building an organic eco-system which is Ethical and Sustainable. We are continuously encouraging small and medium companies, manufacturers, producers to produce Natural and Organic daily essentials. On the other side, proving alternative to Indian conscious consumers to buy products with 100% transparency and without any marketing gimmick.


Earthen Store - an online organic marketplace with ethical products produced by sustainable process.

Organic Living India Magazine - An organic lifestyle magazine to talk about indian's organic eco-system, brands, products, issues and solutions.


As a mission-driven company, we aim to provide every necessary service to bring Organic Producers, Manufacturers, and Organic Consumers closer.