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Dear Visitors,

this is to inform, this site that www.EarthenLiving.in the website is partially under construction. Recently we have changed the website structure and how we used to maintain the website. People working behind the screen are not always aware of the implication and impression when something unfinished it launched and most visitors do not take it positively. We respect their feeling and we too understand the limitation of the back-end team. However, we request you to consider this as our effort for something really cool. And we are sure we will be able to show you proper information about the company and its operation with 100% transparency.

The current situation with downsize staff, and with a limited budget, it is hard to survive for any small-scale company here in India. This is not just a blend statement rather this is a hard truth. During this touch and challenging time, only business partners and our beloved customers are helping us to ensure we don’t rest in peace. And we strongly believe as Indian’s only Transparent Organic Online Marketplace with Ethical and Sustainable Products we will raise again back.
All of these issues will be resolved by end of the current month (August/2021).

Thanks and Regards,
Team Earthen


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