This Republic Day Earthen Living deploys the new Technology update into the Core System

This Republic Day Earthen Living deploys the new Technology update into the Core System

Bangalore 26-01-2022: Earthen Living LLP has announced the deployment of its core tech system update on 26th January 2022. Due to the coronavirus outbreak company has seen a sharp decline in business and living huge operational liabilities to run three offices across India; Unaware of the fact how long this pandemic will stay to disrupt business across the globe.

The share market had fallen to a record low in history. “As a company, we know that this is going to take time to recover and we stopped all non-essential services diverted a lion share of our efforts, resource, and money to ensure we should be able to make our tech platform future-ready no matter how hard or difficult it might be,” says Mr. Saikat Mitra, one of the Founding members of Earthen Living.

On one side they were dealing with system limitations and on another side, they were dealing with Lockdown restrictions. No matter how tough it was we are very proud to the day we delivered 100% of our customer’s orders to their Door Steps. The company has taken orders on WhatsApp, emails even on SMS too. They went out of their way and comfort zone and delivered to customers to ensure no customer returns empty-handed. As an Ethical and Sustainable company, their first aim is to ensure they do not desire profit. Because most of the wrong decisions are made when a company has a lot of liability and does not have the liquidity to pay off. With new hopes and expectations company has invited all their active partners and customer to join hands towards a better tomorrow.

About Earthen Living LLP (

Earthen Living practices to protect air, soil, water, and human. The name itself speaks for its vision. The adverse effect of plastic, chemicals, and toxic loads tell their own stories and now we have enough stories and evidence to believe that we do not live healthily. Earthen Living is an initiative to design a healthy way of life, not just for the consumers; but also for the people who help us to live healthily. Earthen Living is not just a company; it is a way to live a natural lifestyle.


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