Terms of Business

Last Updated Date August 11, 2019


Please read this Terms of Business carefully before obtaining any service from Earthen Living LLP. If you do not accept all these Terms of Business then we advise you not to get engaged with Earthen Living LLP. The “Sellers Agreement” has already set out the legally binding terms and conditions for use of the website i.e. www.EarthenStore.com (the “online marketplace”) and all the services provided by Earthen Living LLP. However, these additional terms and conditions are set to follow an ethical transaction practice in business.

1. Conflicts of Interest:
1.1. According to our internal procedure ensure that the best of your knowledge that no conflict of interest exists before you start availing any services from Earthen Living LLP.
1.2. Should a conflict of interest arise in any area of business with us during the term you will immediately inform us thereof.
1.3. Further, our cyber security actions are performed under the direct instruction to ensure customer web security and protection of their personal data without any counterparty. We consider such services as exempt from any conflict of interest for Earthen Living LLP only.

1.4. Conflicts of Interest – Regards to Customers:
1.4.1. Contacting customer via email, phone and postal address for any reason are considered as conflicts of interest.
1.4.2. Even Attending Customer Direct calls for any request are considered as conflicts of interest.
1.4.3. Further, any communication in any form with Earthen Store Registered Customers is treated as high degree of conflicts of interest.
1.4.4. It is advised to refrain yourself from any form of direct & indirect communication with Earthen Store Customers.

2. Required Documents:
To ensure your business is legally established and having all types of permission from required government and non government organization as required have to provide the following documents.
2.1. Copy of Incorporation Certificate (if you have registered your business)
2.2. Copy of GSTIN Certificate
2.3. Copy of Company PAN Card
2.4. Copy of Organic Certificates (as required)
2.5. Copy of Blank Cancelled Cheque
2.6. Copy of Identity proof of Signing Authority.

3. Business Ethics:
According to our belief Business Ethics are principles of right and wrong that are used to guide a business. As a responsible, intelligent, caring, wise and decent human being it is our core duty to ensure business partners believe in what we do to ensure we are right of doing what we do. Where the law has limitations, ethics takes place to make it better and easy.
Following are the core side of ethics that we want all our associates to obey…
3.1. Child Labour: Do not encourage appointment of any child labour in any part of your business operation.
3.2. Fair Wages: Ensure to pay fair wages to all Employees/Workers/Farmers/Artisans.
3.3. Environment Impact: Make sure your business puts ZERO environmental toxic loads during production or less is better.
3.4. Genuine Product: Product sold and promoted at Earthen Store should be Genuine Organic or 100% Natural or Truly Eco-friendly product.
3.5. No Import and Resale: make sure you do not resale any products at www.earthenstore.com marketplace or no product should be imported from any country.

4. Traceability:
4.1. Provide correct sourcing information of product, ingredients or point of source of core product.
4.2. Provide production process details for each and every product.
4.3. Provide information of how you ensure the quality of products.
4.4. Disclose all ingredients or materials used during the production of the product.

5. Packaging and Shipping:
5.1. If you choose to ship your product to customers directly, ensure you use all recycled materials. Either use Earthen Store Branded external packets or use the Earthen Store Branded Stickers on top of every shipment sent out to customers.
5.2. Make sure plastic parts are not used in any product. Due to nature of products some products are exempted for this clause or allowed to use safe and recycled plastic with prior to approval and also ensure use of any type of plastic will not harm customers directly or product instruction has to be printed.

6. Communication within Time

Every moment we ensure we provide you best in class service to maximize your profitability and right presentation of your brand and product to gain customer confidence in order to let them indulge with your products more and more. In order to do so, we encourage you to practise the following without fail to enable us to support you to the best possible way…
6.1. When you receive a new order from us, respond within 24 hours of time to accept or reject the order.
6.2. When you accept an order to fulfill, ensure detail of shipment is shared with us within first 48 hours of time.
6.3. When you hear a concern or issue, try to resolve it within 72 hours.
6.4. When you change your pricing, change, update us immediately.
6.5. When you plan to run an offer or discount, inform us at least 15 days before to prepare for the same.

We may modify any term for any reason at any time by posting a new version on our website; these changes do not affect rights obligations that arose prior to such changes. Please review these terms periodically for changes. If you object any provision of these terms of business or any subsequence modifications to these terms or become dissatisfied with our services in any way, your only recourse is to immediately terminate the Merchant Agreement and stop availing all the services provided by Earthen Living LLP.

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