Earthen Platform is designed with a single vision i.e. to build an Ethical Tech Platform where buyers, sellers, and viewers can buy, sale, talk, read, ask, say, like, rate, raise, check, play, enjoy, view, comment, express without worry that they are being tracked. The point is our tech platform is not part of a big data game. At first, it might look like an ordinary website, but we are sure as you start using its services, you will realize and experience its ethical values in design.

“If the future generations are to thank us, we must attain more than just the power of technology. We must have ethics in it.”

Headless Architecture

Microservices allow Earthen Platform to design and develop custom made services for each business function without a need to change the rest of the system. And Headless architecture helps to decouple the front end from backend layers which also falls under the umbrella of microservices.

Organization Validation SSL Certificates

OV Certificates are the best suitable SSL certificate to ensure public facing website belongs to a an Organization not to a individual. It verifies the authenticity of the organization and its legitimacy which adds an additional layer of trust. OV certificates also provide a dynamic site seal which displays the validated company information to a site visitor, along with the HTTPS and the padlock icon. These certificates can only be issued to a registered organization but not individuals which makes it more suitable for public-facing websites.

Single Domain Service

It is observed that lot of online business runs there different services with similar but different domain names. Which make it easy for them to manage but makes it much more easier for hackers to perform hacking to hack system advantages of using similar multidomain. Here at Earthen living All out services runs on one domain that is No matter what services you access, or any page you are visiting at Earthen Store, you will see as as the primary domain string in the browser URLs.

No Discreet Data Collection

Remember, the Earthen Platform is built with ethical principles in technology. Neither we’re a part of the big data game, nor do we have the intention to collect browsing data for marketing promotion. We respect your absolute privacy. Breaking the obvious takes come toll as well. But we don’t care. Our system suggests products based on the logically related categories you are viewing.

No OTP Validation

Earthen Platform and its technology do not validate your email id or phone no with OTP. It means neither we are validating your email id nor your phone number with an OTP. When you shop online, none of these validations are essential. Almost every company does it because they want to track your spending capacity, likes, dislikes, and many more personal data to influence and tempt you with offers to spend more and more. Our technology is designed in such a way that without these verifications, we can communicate with each other.

Ads free Shopping Experience

Earthen Store provides 100% advertisement free shopping experience. Our technology does not allow brands or manufacturers to run their ads while you are shopping. However, our sponsorship services come in the form of Survey, Market research and contests. These are payable services and does not interfere with your shipping experience. You can participate in the Survey, Market Research and the contest absolutely when you wish to.

Randomized Algorithm

At Earthen Platform we do not provide preferential services to display a brand or it’s products to priority listing. Instead the product catalogue is designed with Randomized Algorithm using natural numbers. This technology choose products and brands to display when you looks for products under any categories. When you refresh a page you will see you wont get the same list sequence ever again.

Do you wish to partner with us?

We will love to learn about your business and products. If you have organic certified products,

or you have products from your ZBNF practices, if even if you are a small artisans and make products that are usable in daily life,

we can have partnership to promote your products and brand too.