Sustainability at Earthen Living

Our vision is to co-create an equitable and regenerative tomorrow together with our customers, partners, Indian artisans, and society.


Build an ethical and sustainable organic eco-system

Partner with only sustainable brands

Innovate to reduce pollution

Accelerate opportunity

Our Goals

By 2030, Earthen Living aims to be the market leader for creating and curating inclusive, ethical, sustainable brands and experiences.

First Milestone

By 2030 Earthen Living intends an ethical and Sustainable organic eco-system that runs on the principle of reducing, reusing, and recycling policy. 

How does Earthen Living approach sustainability?

Earthen Living takes a holistic view of sustainability, with efforts focused on our business driving positive impact for both people and the planet. We see sustainability as part of a daily habit. Our actions to help address air, water, and soil pollution issues and restore the same that is good for humans.

Our work to bring solutions that better saves the environment, society can be seen across our business right from finding the right ethical products to invite Conscious Customers to Earthen Store. We try to minimize the carbon footprint in every action along with making people aware of Ethical issues across society.

How we’ll get there?

Earthen Living only elevates owned, national, ethical and sustainable brands that are safe to use.

Earthen Living is committed to promoting only ethical products produced by the sustainable process.

Earthen Living plans to partner with brands that help to design solutions that reduce pollution while providing easy access to daily essentials.

Do you wish to partner with us?

We will love to learn about your business and products. If you have organic certified products,

or you have products from your ZBNF practices, if even if you are a small artisans and make products that are usable in daily life,

we can have partnership to promote your products and brand too.