About Earthen Store

The Only Organic Store

Concerns about the effect of pesticides and harmful chemicals on the environment and human bodies have many people wanting to purchase organically produced goods. Organic goods aren’t limited to produce and other food products, but can also include clothing and linens, personal care, furniture, and almost anything made from plant materials grown without the use of chemicals. To begin an organic business, one must have a strong commitment to ensuring everything is truly organic, and be willing to devote a significant amount of effort, time, and capital to your endeavor.

From our humble beginning as a small wooden toy retailer in Bangalore, Earthen Living has expanded as India’s only closed Organic and Natural product marketplace. Through innovation, we’re creating a seamless experience to let customers shop anytime and anywhere online, through mobile devices and laptops. Besides creating sustainable opportunities and bringing ethical values to customers and communities around, we are building an organic ecosystem with infinite possibilities.

Earthen Store operates approximately 50+ Indian Organic Brands
and 2000+ Organic and Natural products and thousands of Conscious Customers across India.