“We aim to provide all necessary services to bring
Organic Producers, Manufacturers, and Organic Consumers closer.”

Professional Services

Our additional professional services come with your Partnership and your take advantage of each cost-effective services

Product Cataloging

Organic and Natural products are quite different from regular products in the market. So preparation of that catalog also needs extra care and a different strategy. However often we describe the product the way we look at the product as a producer, or we define the product’s features the way customers want to see them online. But the primary question is how your product will reach the right target audience on the web.

Product Photography

Great photograph reveals your products to customers. However the images should meet some necessary guidelines to meet all the criteria on web. While you define your product details with honesty, it is equally important to represent the graphical details of a product through the photograph to the potential customers on the virtual platform. Our best in class photography services will help you to do the same in best possible manner

Survey and Market Research

Are you thinking of measuring Customer Experience for your Brand, Products or Trial Product? Earthen Living introduces Customer Satisfaction Survey Services using both CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) methods. A qualitative research (e.g. interviews, focus groups, user testing) to really understand the reasons behind the numbers and to ensure you have actionable outcomes to address any issues uncovered. A measure alone isn’t useful unless you use it to drive and optimize customer experience. So collect, understand and make changes!

During the customer interactions, we learnt that customers are not much aware of all possibilities of Organic products and Brands. Organic term is confined with only Food and Vegetables. Organic Living Magazine is one initiative to let the customers give a clear view of an entire Organic and Natural lifestyle and how the consumers and the world can be benefitted by spending money for the right Organic, Natural and Ethical products. Make use of our product and brand promotion channels in that Magazine to boost your sale.

Contest and Quiz

Everybody loves to win prizes. Crate an online social media driven giveaway or contest or Quiz to feed this desire while you increase your brand and product visibility. Our online contest service is designed to increase your brand visibility along with increased social media followers. Earthen Contest winners are selected at random, which means it’s fair game for all entrants. It helps you reach a wider audience, so they’re a strong platform for promoting new product launches and brand partnerships.

How to Become
An Earthen Seller?

Eligibility criteria to become an Earthen Seller?

  1. Produce or manufacture your own products
  2. GSTIN with Current Account
  3. “No Child Labor” Policy
  4. Complete Traceability of your product