Earthen Living is committed to practice Ethical and Sustainable business in India and dedicated to make a difference in the lives of conscious Indian consumers.


The time has come to distinguish between organic and non-organic products. Buyers must know what they are buying and why they are buying. From the seller’s perspective, only best-in-class producers and manufacturers should get the opportunity to list their products at We ensure every product promoted at is possibly the best product available. So, customers can trust us to buy what we offer.

Earthen Store is an initiative to give an alternative to Indian consumers to buy ethical products to ensure your money goes to the right hand who cares for you and the planate apart from making profits.

Partner Portal (Sellers Center)

Selling on Earthen Store is easy. First, you need to apply for a Partnership and get Approval. During the approval process, you need to provide your Company’s, Brand’s, and Organic or Natural Product’s information. Post that we’ll prepare your Product Catalog with the approved products that you wish to promote and sell on Earthen Store Marketplace. The customer finds your product(s) and makes a purchase. You will receive a notification to ship the product. You deliver the product to the customer and confirm your shipment. Earthen Store will deposit the funds into your bank account after deducting their fees.

Organic Living India Magazine

The Organic Living India Magazine brings the best of India to offer from nature.
If Natural Living, Sustainable Practices, and Ethical products interest you, then this magazine has a lot to offer.

Organic Living India Magazine - 2019
First Publication - Print and Digital Version

This magazine covers most of the lifestyle areas like Organic Food and Grocery, Organic Beverages, Ethical Clothing, Safe and Natural Personal Care, Eco-friendly Housekeeping, and lifestyle practices and products.

Organic Living India Magazine
Last Publication - 2022

Organic Living India Magazine introduces you to the new possibilities of Organic Living and helps you in exploring possible alternatives. The magazine is loaded with quick-read Articles, Essential Product reviews, Critical information to know your product better, Indian Organic Brands, companies, and their products and more.

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