If you have an Organic & Natural Product to sell online then you must know that an incorrect product cataloging can cause or give you bad sales numbers; no matter what platform you use to sell online. So read it carefully before you place your organic product online.

Product Cataloguing

In this present world, content is the king and content is the only language your brand and products use to communicate to your customers. At the same time, web is the biggest market in the world in this present era. So whatever products you have, you need best content for them written by expert writers. We just do the same – we help your products to look good, so that they can stand out.

Organic and Natural Products are quite different from regular products in the market. So its representation through the digital catalogue also should be in little different manner. To do so, all required parameters, e.g., proper Meta Data like right keywords and keyword phrases should be included to ensure the customers can find them using the keywords easily.

We have a dedicated team of expert content writers, SEO analysts & tools and adequate analytical data to ensure this service is best among the bests in the market. Since we are working for more than 5 years in the field of Organic and Natural products, we understand them better and also know how to represent them in the best possible manner.

While you define the product details with honesty, at the same time you have to let the Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and even today’s Online Marketplaces) must reach your products correctly. Then only potential Customers can search and find your products. It is crucial to use the right keywords and keyword phases for your products. Define it rightly for search engines and for customers both. Hence managing your product catalog can be very tedious, if it is not done by professionals.


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Basic Cataloguing

If you are already our Business Partner, then we ensure you spend your time on product development not in listing. We create listings on your behalf using Titles, Descriptions and other required information provided by you with some basic SEO data in the product catalogue page. This service is completely free of charge.

Product Listing using Product Title, Description
Product Tags Using Product Based Keywords

Detailed Cataloguing

If you are new and want value for money then Basic Cataloging service is the best option. Under this service we not only define product details but also optimize the content based on Content Based Search Keywords and Product Attributes and Product Tags for the best possible result. This helps potential customers to find your products quickly on the web.

Product Listing using Primary Keyword Based Title and Description
Product Tags using Content Based Keywords
Product Image Editing up to 2 per Product
Additional Product Information
Basic Product Attributes Including 1 Benefit per product
Product Benefits to highlight USP

Advanced Cataloguing

If you have already spent few years selling your products online you will understand the real need to add perfection in product cataloging process. A really rich Product Catalog builds the brand value and when it is Optimized with Real Time Search Based Keywords and Attributes, that makes the products stand out. Online Potential Customers can find it easily online.

Product Listing using Search Based Keyword driven Title and Description
Product Tags using Context Based Keywords
Product Image Editing up to 4 per Product
Additional Product Information
Advanced Product Attributes Including 3 Benefits per product
Product Benefits to highlight USP
Define SEO Meta Data i.e. Meta Title, Meta Keyword, Meta Description, Meta Tags after doing Keyword Search to target Organic Search and reduce Paid Promotion cost