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The Earthen Platform is the foundation of building and running the Earthen Store, Earthen Partner Portal, and Back office Operation application. The platform allows business to run their online stores smoothly without worrying about the technology that supports them. At the same time, it allows the tech team to rapidly extend, enhance and upgrade application software with absolutely no downtime.

Don’t buy ecommerce website!!!

Information technology and advanced computer technology have made their position in every industry. And it is rapidly growing and changing at the same time. Now building an eCommerce is just a matter of a few clicks without any technical knowledge. Ecommerce web applications and apps are more often purchased based on functionality rather than underlying technology. But as time passes by you will realize the legacy system lack support and unanticipated problems. Over decades, web technology has radically changed while functionality remains constant. When it comes to your business-critical application underlying technology platform is now more critical than ever.


A fully functional, realistic, and ethical commerce platform built with ease to use. The Commerce platform is also responsive which means it also runs on mobile browsers.

seller’s Portal

A custom-made easy-to-use portal for sellers to manage inventory, sales, orders, payments, and many more functionalities. Partner portal also helps to manage your marketing activities.

back office

Component-based cutting edge technology-driven back office control to manage the operation from one point. Makes it most efficient and reactive business tools.


Earthen Core is the heart of the platform. It manages Products, Orders, Communication, Transactions, Integration, and more to make the entire platform work smoothly.