Earthen Living endorsed top four handicraft artisans to promote natural Stone and Slate products for Indian customers.

This is a grey soft rock that can be cut into thin slices. Artisans have innovated ways to make home décor items using this rock..

September 27, 2016, Bangalore Karnataka India Earthen Living LLP (Earthen Living) has announced to endorse 4 handicraft artisans in Jute & Madur sector to expand distribution channels for those artisans’ exclusive handicraft products’ range to increase the speed to reach more valuable prospect customers in the Indian market through Earthen Living’s lifestyle online marketplace

Organic cannot be the only solution to live a natural life. Hence, we extended our reach to other sectors. Stone — Stone carving is a very old process to design various home décor products from the prehistoric times. For abundance of sedimentary stone in the hilly areas, some superb artisans make wonderful home décor products from stone. Generally those artisans used to make idols of Gods and Goddesses at the beginning; however they are interested to design articles of day to day use and custom sculptures also. The progression of their job without any proper training and marketing strategy is really commendable.

Slate — Slate is a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock. This is a grey soft rock that can be cut into thin slices. Artisans have innovated ways to make home décor items using this rock. On the thin slice of the slate stone, the rough picture is first sketched with a graphite pencil. Then the point chisel is used to engrave on that rock to get the final piece. The whole process is natural and no chemical is used.

In India this is the first time Earthen Living is projecting only craftsmen to their marketplace to sell their products to the end customers. This will definitely provide them encouragement and a fair price to live a better life.

About Earthen Living

“Our lives are so powerfully touched by nature that now we should strive to return it back.”

Earthen Living practices to protect air, soil, water, and human. The name itself speaks for its vision. The adverse effect of plastic, chemicals, and toxic loads tell its own stories and now we have enough stories and evidences to believe that we do not live healthy. Earthen Living is an initiative to design a healthy way of life, not just for the consumers; but also for the people who help us to live healthy. Earthen Living is not just a company; it is a way to live natural lifestyle.