Earthen Living and Zeme Organics sign Strategic Partnership Deal to sell Organic Cotton Clothes for Men, Women and Moms

The combined effort to offer a good collection of ethical clothing will help us to stay healthy.

September 24, 2016, Bangalore Karnataka India Earthen Living LLP (Earthen Living) and Omved have announced to have a strategic partnership to expand distribution channels for Omved’s organic personal care products to increase the speed to reach more valuable prospect customers in the Indian personal care market through Earthen Living’s lifestyle online marketplace

This partnership is will enable Indian online buyers to buy Zeme’s 100% GOTS certified organic cotton clothes from Earthen Store by Earthen Livings.In a recent report on Environment Pollution, we all came to know, “Fashion is the second largest polluting industry in the world.” Earthen Living reinforces people to become ethical buyers. Therefore, Earthen Living with its large ecommerce platform, cutting-edge technology and multi-channel marketing strategy can be beneficial for Zeme to offer their collection of 100% GOTS certified and 100% organic cotton clothes to Indian customers; mostly Indian women, kids and moms. Zeme offers 100% GOTS certified organic cotton jeans for baby to adult. “The combined effort to offer a good collection of ethical clothing will help us to stay healthy.” says Mr. Saikat Mitra, Operation Head, Earthen Living LLP.

About Zeme

Zeme or Žemė (pronounced as Zhe meh) means ‘goddess of the earth’ or ‘earth mother’ in Latvian and Lithuanian mythology. Accordingly, everything in nature that is born, grows and dies belongs to this earth mother, who protects and nourishes the planet.

Zeme as an organic clothing company was conceptualized in the spring of 2006 in San Francisco, California and was created in India, in December 2007 by Arati. While living in the beautiful city of San Francisco as a student, Arati got to learn about organic farming and furthered this interest in organic clothing by taking up an internship with a San Francisco based organic clothing company. Logically, the next step for Arati was to use her knowledge and passion for organic cotton to design and market organic clothes created in India through her own label. And thus, Zeme was born!

About Earthen Living

“Our lives are so powerfully touched by nature that now we should strive to return it back.”

Earthen Living practices to protect air, soil, water, and human. The name itself speaks for its vision. The adverse effect of plastic, chemicals, and toxic loads tell its own stories and now we have enough stories and evidences to believe that we do not live healthy. Earthen Living is an initiative to design a healthy way of life, not just for the consumers; but also for the people who help us to live healthy. Earthen Living is not just a company; it is a way to live natural lifestyle.


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