Earthen Living is a mission driven company to protect Air, Water, Soil and Human. And our first step is to address the Ethicality and Sustainability issues of it. Raising awareness of Ethicality and Sustainability among the Indian Consumers is the only possible solution where we have an acceptable alternative.



A healthy ecosystem is developed where a community or group of organisms live in and interact with each other in a specific environment. Earthen Living tries hard to practice the same mechanism. They treat each and every customer, manufacturer, partner, artisan and others in a same approach. That mechanism builds a trust and dignity for each other as no one is treated as inferior or superior.


India is the third largest Developing Economy by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). When you pay to a company to buy their products, you vote that company with your money. Here at Earthen Living, we endeavor to bring daily essential ethical products. No Child Labour, Fair Wage Policy, Hygienic Working Atmosphere, Animal Cruelty Free, Environment Friendly and many more practices are the roots of Earthen Living Company.



Most of the biggest brand’s commitment for sustainability end around 2% of net profits made. Life is being sacrificed every now and then in the name of uncertain events to run some of those brands we use every day. At Earthen Living, sustainability is the key to our success. We ensure to act responsibly to protect air, water, soil and human. We promote only Natural, Organic, Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable daily essential products produced by Sustainable process.

Buy Ethical products

produced by sustainable process.

Founder’s Note

Organizations with great Customer Relationships can grow their businesses without gimmicks, fee cuts, or special treatment. Of course you have to be good at what you do. The growth of a truly successful business is based on one simple concept: Trust. Transparency is a great competency; that should come naturally. Earthen Living has defined it so well that customers appreciate and admire that.

Together with Business Partners and Customers, we can create an Ethical and Sustainable shopping experience. We demonstrate our commitment to building a Strong, Ethical and Sustainable shopping experience to build a stable economic development and quality of life in the society we live in.

Customers and Sellers can feel great about doing business with us. And most importantly above all, Seller diversity also helps us to offer our customers incredible Organic & and Natural alternatives to stay Safe and Healthy with daily essentials.

Saikat Mitra
Co-Founder, Earthen Living LLP

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The Path. A look into the past few years..

  • Zero Debt Company

    Without external funding Earthen Living is ZERO Debt company till date

  • Organic Living India Magazine

    Launched India’s First Customer Centric Organic Lifestyle Magazine

  • Earthen Store Partner Portal

    Major advancement to Organic Living India Magazine connect Customers to Brands

  • Marketplace

    Offered 350+ products from top 10 Indian Organic Brands

  • Business Partners

    Sign off the first Organic partner to promote their products at Earthen Store

  • Earthen Store

    Started building an efficient online platform for the Organic Ecosystem

  • Incorporation

    Journey started as Earthen Living LLP got incorporated on 10th December, 2014