All You Need To Know About Organic Food Products

Organic food product’s demand in the market shows the growing healing concerns and health effects motivating consumers to buy organic food products. However different types of researches have their own points to prove. Even the question if organic products are better is also raised. A huge percentage of customers are still in dilemma if they should buy organic food products or stick to conventional food products! Even different organizations are still trying to prove that organic and non organic (pesticide used food) products have differences.

Even discussions are made available everywhere if organic food products are more nutritious over non-organic products. Some researchers also provide their own studies to prove there is no nutritious difference as such. All these studies leave the consumers with great amount of confusion which one is good. Today I’ll try to solve this dilemma to help consumer to decide what is healthy organic food product within the knowledge we have.

Let’s go back to history.Let’s go back to history.

Wheat is the first cereal to be cultivated by man after 8000BC; Barley was also grown as a crop within the following millennium. Rice is thought to be cultivated considerably later perhaps in about 2500 BC. Corn, beans, gourds and chili were cultivated between 5000BC to 2500 BC. The point where I want to aim is did they have any access to chemical fertilizers to grow food at that time? Anyone can answer this.

What has changed so far that we need harmful chemical pesticides to grow our food nowadays. One apparently prominent reason might be growing population. Then let us find out how much land is required to grow our own food including animal life stock and power. Some info-graphics show that it is estimated about 2 acres of land for a family of 4 members.

For time being let’s not consider the Organic cultivation of food as a viable option; but we have to realize at what cost we are growing our food in conventional method? Constant use of chemical pesticides degrades the soil quality, causes long term diseases to farmers and their family members, causes environmental pollution; extreme irrigation lowers the groundwater table; no authority takes responsibility to say those foods are absolutely safe to eat. As a result food gets contaminated; farmers commit suicides due to the lower yield of the land and rising price of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic cultivation is the only way to save ourselves from this slow poisoned death. Now let me explain how organic farming contributes more to offer us healthy food.

I may agree to the point that organic foods are not more nutritious, but it stops the harmful pesticides and fertilizers to be added in the production cycle. I also agree to the point that currently organic foods are more expensive than conventional food; however organic food production can be regulated by the government by making sustainable policies, lowering down the certification cost and encouraging the farmers by providing required infrastructure and financial help.

Apart from above benefits organic farming reduces pollution, conserves ground-water, reduces soil erosion, increases soil fertility and uses less energy to produce. I agree to the point that organic farming is a labor intensive work. A solution is there too. By sharing the higher yield with the farmers, government can invite more people to organic cultivation and provide them a channel of earning their livelihoods with dignity & respect.

Rice farmers in China have already demonstrated that growing multiple varieties of rice in the same fields can double the yield without use of synthetic chemicals. Same has been done in Bihar. There are good reasons for going organic if you can afford it. We urge you to talk more on this with everyone around you. Increase awareness around your friends and family. More we talk about it more we force others to do right justice with our food.

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