Evolving your consciousness is today’s demand

It is needless to ask if we want to live our lives with compassion, wisdom, happiness, strength, and goodness! It is important to notice that despite rise in wealth, fame and material comfort, often time people feel lonely, fearful, angry, helpless and purposeless. There is so much suffering in the society not just from external circumstances such as poverty, hunger and disease, but from issues internal to human soul.

We understand a lot about the external world, but still so little about ourselves. Industrial development has improved our living standards and materialistic comforts in many ways but it seems that our development has left internal human suffering unnoticed. We are in such an era when our lives are being driven and accelerated by cutting edge technology towards materialistic development in a much faster manner experienced ever before. However we generally fail to see the danger and intoxication spreading around our society for the same. With time if it is not balanced by other areas of human development, it is not far when it will create an irreversible impact on this earth and would be a major cause of human suffering.

We have observed from personal experiences that individual consciousness has remarkable impact on development. We personally believe only individual consciousness can eliminate lot of suffering around us. And especially we have experimented and noticed that people with higher consciousness can utilize their energy and human resources more wisely to reduce all kind of human suffering.

This article throws a light on divergent solutions around the consciousness. Our effort is to fulfill today’s demand so that we can expect a painless tomorrow. More or less we all are quiet aware of the suffering around us; however only a few people will take initiatives to bring the society out of the suffering or to help others reducing pain. History has witnessed that evolution is a part of the development, so we need to evolve our consciousness well enough for a better tomorrow.

There are some simple ways to evolve consciousness among us. Do a small research from where your coffee or food comes from; maybe you will soon realise that the farm workers producing your food are underpaid or you will discover that the clothes come from sweatshops employing child labours. Try to always check the labels of your commodities bought by you to ensure the actual ingredients. Be careful to make a differentiation between your wants and needs though it is a little tough. Many people have a habit to make their wardrobes full though many clothes remain unused. An easy solution is to buy local commodities as you can track the whole production process or the key materials used. Have a habit to donate your used clothes in good quality to them who really need. Take it as a day by day habit to be a successful conscious consumer.

We expect from our dear readers to contribute some thoughts and experience sharing in the below comment box. Your thoughts and experience sharing will help us to open up more public discussions about what type of consciousness we need to discuss.

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