10 ways to bring natural & organic element to your life

The ability to bring nature into life has been an ambition that many have strived for over the centuries. As a fact we the humans love the natural and organic appeal of elements that make us feel calm. In recent years, the growing awareness about the dwindling of the Earth’s resources has made it even more evident to bring nature into our life as essential. More we get closer to the nature more we get away from chemicals, toxin, plastic goods, petrochemical products and many more. If you have been trying to think of inspiring ways to bring the nature into your life, take a look at these 10 ideas for bringing nature & organically inspired elements into your life.

  1. Wear organic cotton clothes

It is a known fact that fast fashion is world’s second most polluting industry. In fact we do not even know how our clothes were manufactured? Who made our clothes? Majority of urban consumers only care about the brand names. But let’s take a closure look. One t-shirt contaminates more than 2000 liters of fresh water and one jeans contaminates more than 7000 liters. 38 countries have already banned GM crop farming. Only 28 countries allow it. And India is one of them. However, India is at the top for exporting cotton in the world. Encourage people to wear organic cotton clothes as much as possible.

  1. Stop/avoid using plastic

Every day, people use plastic in various applications. Over the last 50 to 60 years, the uses for plastic have expanded to infiltrate virtually every aspect of life. For being extremely versatile and affordable, it has taken the place of other products including wood and metal. Consumers like it because it is easy to use, lightweight and easy to maintain.

Some facts related to use and manufacturing of plastic —

  • Producing new plastic from recycled material uses only two-thirds as much energy as manufacturing it from new raw materials.
  • Plastics require 100 to 400 years to break down in a landfill.
  • Five 2-liter recycled PET bottles produce enough fiberfill to make a ski jacket.
  • The energy saved by recycling one plastic bottle will power a computer for 25 minutes.
  • Recycling 10 tons of PET plastic prevents the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as removing more than three cars from the road for one year.

So ironically the most convenient applicator in our life makes it more difficult to live naturally. Check out all around you for an alternative to avoid using plastic.

  1. Use organic & natural care

Maximum toxin we gain from our own activities of daily lifestyle. We generally don’t care to notice that almost every personal care product (toothpaste to night-creams) is full of harmful chemicals. Our buying habit is badly influenced by TV commercials. However the sellers do not care about buyers and they do not say the consumers what chemicals they are consuming and what they should not. So the solution is organic and natural products.

  1. Change home interior

It is most tough to have a feel good factor in mind. However you can change the interior of your house to create a feel good factor in our mind. This can be done being close to nature and adopting a natural living. Follow our article ‘Time to unclutter your own existence’ to know the excellent story of Hari & Asha. They have implemented a natural style living in their life and attained to a state of feeling good in their lives.

  1. Consume organic foods as much as you can — It is a known fact that every food used by us is cursed with deadly poison like fertilizers and pesticides & there is no strong authority to check whether the vegetable is Genetically Modified or not. Consumption of organic food can be a solution. Organic food is the product of such a farming system which evades the use of man-made fertiliser, pesticides. It saves the soil also from being polluted by harmful chemical fertilisers.
  2. Use kitchen garden or buy non-GMO fruits and vegetables — Sikkim has become India’s first state to practice organic farming at a large scale. Visit Coimbatore of Tamil Nadu to witness the rooftop kitchen garden practised by common residents. This practice has multiple benefits. It helps you to get good quality pesticide free & non-GMO vegetable and at the same time supports you to combat vegetable price fluctuation.
  3. Use wooden cutlery — Since ancient times, wood has been a popular option for cooking utensils, such as spoons and spatulas. Even today a lot of people prefer wood over other options for various reasons. As wood is an inert material, it is non-reactive and won’t leach harmful chemicals into your food. The wooden utensils will add an old school flavour to your kitchen. It has been proven that germs and bacteria grow much faster on plastic and metal than on wooden kitchenware surfaces.
  4. Use wooden toys for kids — Every baby needs and plays with toys; it grows their cognitive skill, fine motor skill, speech and language development skill etc. However cheap, china made plastic toys have flooded Indian market. This article is a very tiny space to discuss the ill effects of those plastic toys. Wooden toys coloured with vegetable colour can be an extremely smart substitute. Follow our previous article Think before you buy, because it’s a toy for more details.
  5. Use natural and handicraft home décor — The home décor is a most important factor to shape our lifestyle. The materials to build your home, to the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the toys your children play with, everything is full with toxic chemicals. Do little changes; they will add natural flavour to your life. Choose natural elements like wooden & bamboo furniture at home; use custom made furniture made by local artisans rather buying big brand products; keep low maintenance saplings (like succulents, cactus) at your dining and study; bring in maximum natural sunlight to your home to keep your body and mind fresh. These changes will not cost you a lot; but they will be worthy enough to add an aesthetic impression to your life and mind.
  6. Consume fewer resources with greater equity — Nowadays MNCs and multinationals control our consumption at a great extent. Don’t be a prey of this dirty practice. Try to do a rough calculation of calories of your daily food intake. Try to have starchy carbohydrates; eat lots of fruit and vegetable (try to eat organic); consume less saturated fat and sugar; don’t feel thirsty, drink plenty of water; eat foods rich in calcium and iron. These minute changes in your diet will not cost you a lot, except will bring a lot of changes to your health.

Try to practise these 10 habits in your daily lifestyle and feel the change.

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