Earthen Living is a mission-driven company to protect air, water, soil, and humans.

Who we are?

Earthen Living is a mission-driven company to protect Air, Water, Soil, and humans. Earthen Tech platform is designed to address ethical and sustainable issues in our daily life and give a truly ethical and sustainable solution. Earthen Living also integrates Economic, Social, and Environmental progress alongside.

Our Ambitions

– Build an Ethical and Sustainable Ecosystem
– Partner with Only Sustainable Brands
– Innovate to Reduce Pollution
– Accelerate Opportunities

What do we do?

We are building an ecosystem that is not just ethical but also sustainable too. One way we ensure organic and natural producers have a place to promote their ethical products to Indian consumers. On the other hand, true sustainability can only be practiced when the mass has the knowledge. So sharing knowledge is the other part of the business.

How we’ll get there?

Elevates Indian ethical brands that are safe to use.
Promotes only ethical products produced by a sustainable process.
Partner with brands that help to design solutions to reduce environmental damage while providing easy access to daily essentials.


How do we approach sustainability?

Earthen Living takes a holistic view of sustainability, with efforts focused on our business driving positive impact for both people and the planet. We see sustainability as part of a daily habit. Our actions to help address air, water, and soil pollution issues and restore the same that is good for humans.

Our work to bring solutions that better saves the environment, society can be seen across our business right from finding the right ethical products to invite Conscious Customers to Earthen Store. We try to minimize the carbon footprint in every action along with making people aware of Ethical issues across society.

Why should you join us?

There are no specified parameters for ethicality. It is what you believe and practices. At Earthen living,
we want to ensure all our partners take this parameter seriously because it is part of Earthen Living’s Legal Partnership Agreement.

Followings are the core ethical parameters that we follow…
(1) “No Child Labor” in any part of the production process.
(2) “Pay Fair Wages” across the organization.
(3) Reduce Pollution levels from the air, water, and soil.
(4) Allow Tourism to production houses/firms or warehouses.

Organic Certificate

There are various organic certificates available across the globe. To be more specific, every country has one or multiple organic certificate labels available to allow producers to promote their products under the organic labels. Particularly, the food and beverage industry uses these certificates to promote their products as certified organic to end customers.

At Earthen Living, currently, we accept the following organic certificates label.

SRNOrganic CertificateCountry of Authority
1National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP)INDIA
2The National Organic Program (NOP)USA
3Europäisches Bio-SiegelEUROPEAN UNION
4Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS)JAPAN
5Agence Bio for Organic foodFRANCE
List of Organic Certificate Earthen Living Accepts.

We accept products that are produced by Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) method as well after product testing.