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How do you ensure your product is non toxic?


How do you ensure your product does not have any impurity?


How do you ensure harmful pesticide is not used?


How do you ensure your product as non-GMO?


Does the manufacturer ensure ethical practice?


Do you know your product well before you buy it?


How do you ensure the product is safe to use?


How do you ensure the source of the product?

Earthen Living
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Confidence Ensured

Ethical products produced by sustainable process


Production does not involve chemical fertilizer and pesticide


Production involves very less processing or preservative treatment


Production process causes almost no damage to environment


Production process involves only sustainable processing methods

Ethically Made

Business should look into the moral principles in the first place

No-child Labour

Industry should ensure this to stop exploitation of children

Fair Wage

Participation of ethical business starts with fair wage

Traceable Products

Traceability of product is the only way to verify the history of the product


Organic, natural & eco-friendly daily essential products

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Goodness is a choice you make
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Your food habit decides how you live your life.

Food & Groceries
Try Organic Certified Food Products
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Your fashion might promote sweatshop in India.

Apparel & Clothes
Try Ethical & Sustainable Clothes
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17% air pollution occurs inside home from different products.

Home & Kitchen
Try Natural & Eco-friendly Products
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You are fuelling the body with poison on a daily basis.

Personal Care & Toiletries
Try Safe & Nature Products

Want to try safe & healthy products?

Every essential of life is brought from the Earth

  • " When I first checked I found pricing of products really high; however after receiving a call from Mr. Mahanty I gave those products a try. After using the products I realise they really save money over the time. Thanks to Earthen Living. ".
    Baishaly Dutta
    Bangalore, IT Professinal
  • "Always I buy organic products online especially for my two kids. Often we have constraint either by brand name or by product availability. Both are very well taken care here. All the products are all genuine. No substandard product or suggestion is offered. Good job."
    Madhumita Ghosal
    Kolkata, IT Professional

Health is important

Only knowledge can protect your wellness

Uncertain facts of organic vegetables in India

Time has driven us to an era where everything we expect to be faster; we want faster vehicles, faster computers and faster mobile phones and even faster internet connectivity. Our body and mind is set to have faster access to everything; most probably as a result we find fast food counters in every nook and corner of our society nowadays.

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Evolving your consciousness is today’s demand

It is needless to ask if we want to live our lives with compassion, wisdom, happiness, strength, and goodness! It is important to notice that despite rise in wealth, fame and material comfort, often time people feel lonely, fearful, angry, helpless and purposeless. There is so much suffering in the society not just from external circumstances such as poverty, hunger and disease, but from issues internal to human soul.

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10 ways to bring natural & organic element to your life

The ability to bring nature into life has been an ambition that many have strived for over the centuries. As a fact we the humans love the natural and organic appeal of elements that make us feel calm. In recent years, the growing awareness about the dwindling of the Earth’s resources has made it even more evident to bring nature into our life as essential.

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